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Alexandria's Journey

July 28, 2017





Here is the short and sweet version of my yoga journey.


In April of 2017, I completed the most difficult part of yoga: I put my car in park, I got out of it, and I walked into the studio.  It’s been three months and my practice is going strong.  


Let me back up slightly.  I first sent an email to the studio prior to attending because a coworker convinced me to try yoga.  My email asked, “Can fat girls do yoga? I am a plus size woman and I’m not sure that my plus size body can get into yoga poses. Please advise if yoga is a suitable for me.”  The response still resonates with me today, “Yoga is for every BODY.”


That response included a plethora of information and a link Sally shared of YouTube videos featuring many amazing plus size women doing beautiful yoga.  I have learned very quickly that there as so many people of all shapes, sizes, injuries, and ages doing yoga and I was missing out.  I suffer from two long time knee injuries and a slight injury in my left shoulder from a recent car accident.  None of those injuries have prohibited me; my poses might not look like yours, but it’s my body and my practice and I am proud of myself for trying!


Occasionally one of my glorified love handles gets in the way of a bend, but I continue to concentrate and practice.  My plus size body is changing and so is my mind.  Yoga has brought me strength, tranquility, inner peace, flexibility, and lots of muscles! I have been so inspired by the many people who also practice at Sanford Yoga Center.  They encourage me along the way.  I couldn’t belong to a better community and I hope that if a body like mine can do yoga, a body like yours can be inspired to try yoga too! 

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