• Mike Knapp

My Transformation Began With Saving My Own Life

5 years ago I was miserable. I was always did a good job when I worked for others and this work never allowed me to fully use my talents. I made money to survive and was not happy, and what is the point of that? I felt miserable in my mind, body and spirit. I did not see a way out.

Did I really want to spend my 30s with dull, chronic pain in my mid back? Was I to allow sharp, stabbing SI pain in my low back whenever I got out of bed or twisted wrong? I tried everything; chiropractic, physical therapy and even being good about going to the gym. The only 2 things that gave me some relief were massage therapy and a weekly yoga practice.

Until I began to receive Rolfing Structural Integration work.

Even though I had 12 years of bodywork experience, I could not describe how the contact was made and the sensations I was feeling. My body was being touched on many different levels at the same time. I felt things release. I felt more space. I walked out of the session with a spring in my step, no pain in my back and a sense of natural lift through my ribs and abdomen.

I slept better that night than I had in a long time. The pain did not come back the same way. As the 10-Series progressed, I could feel shifts through different levels and vectors of my body as new sensations came and left. 1 word began repeating as a theme....


I wanted to move because it felt good and did not hurt! I realized increased range of motion in my movement; it was easier. I felt lighter. Better.

I felt younger and wanted to do things I thought I was too old for. Yoga poses were easier to get into and I got stronger holding them. I got stronger with mountain biking and now ride trails in my 40s I would have thought about twice in my 20s. I lost 65 pounds in 1.5 years. My life has been saved.

And I am just getting started.

My transformation continues as I encourage softness in YOUR body, mind and the spirit. My Rolfing practice gets stronger with each year and my clients are getting out of pain quicker every day. I cannot wait to share this amazing work with you!

You have so much potential! You may have just forgotten a little along the way.

June 2019 vs July 2016

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