• Michelle Maust

Michelle's Yoga Journey

It was about this time last summer when I first ventured into Sanford Yoga Center. I was in need of a new interest, something to keep me active. I was looking for some confidence at this point in my adult life. I had always been athletic, but not particularly flexible. Starting yoga made me bring those things together. I realized parts of me that were not flexible started to improve, such as my hamstrings. I credit a large part of this change to my weekly Ashtanga practice, and I distinctly remember a couple of months in when I first touched my toes…it gave me confidence in how I moved. It made me appreciate my body. I worked through some back pain after strengthening and doing more yoga.

Yoga has been an experience for me that has made me grow. I tell my friends I'm all into it because it really has made a difference in my life and how I feel every day.

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