• Jonathan Strickland

John's Yoga Journey

Hi, my name is Jonathan Strickland, and I became interested in practicing Yoga a little less than a year ago. Yoga has become an essential aspect of my fitness. I try to balance my workouts around the three core pillars of strength, endurance, and mobility. Before I began practicing yoga, I consistently trained power and strength lifting, sprinting, long distance running, and high intensity circuits. I was not focusing on mobility and recovery like I should have been.

The practice of Yoga in a group setting with a knowledgeable instructor has given me motivation and knowledge to increase my flexibility and reduce my recovery time between workouts. Sanford Yoga Center provides that forum and sense of community that keeps me coming back every week. I have experienced considerable improvement working with the knowledgeable instructors that Sanford Yoga Center attracts, and I have enjoyed the diverse styles of instruction that the studio supports. My favorite class at Sanford Yoga Center is the Ashtanga practice led by Alison. It is very challenging and always pushes me beyond my comfort zone. I highly recommend Sanford Yoga Center for anyone who has considered expanding their fitness routine. You will be amazed as to what Yoga can provide to your overall fitness.

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