• Sally Houston & Holly Glasson

Terrie and Mike's Journey

When relocating to a new area everyone has a list of priorities. It may be finding the ideal school for our children or searching for the most unique coffee shop. As empty-nesters, our priorities are finding a church, doctors, and a hairdresser! But now, included on that list is finding a yoga studio. And that yoga studio is Sanford Yoga Center.

When we entered the studio for the first time, we were impressed with the warm and friendly environment. Our first class with Holly sealed the deal! Holly is knowledgeable and her love of yoga and her students is evident in every class. Her humor and encouragement make the classes fun as well as challenging. Holly and the other instructors practice safe and proper body alignment, which is important to Mike and me, since we are now members of that “aging population.” The staff at Sanford Yoga has demonstrated that yoga is for all people and all age groups. They, as well as the students, are nonjudgmental and every class is a positive experience.

Mike and I have benefited greatly from the practice of yoga. My husband’s back pain has decreased and his body is more flexible. The chronic pain I’ve experienced in my aging knees has disappeared, and my perpetually tight IT bands have loosened. And thanks to yoga, Mike and I have a more positive attitude about our bodies and our age. Our three children and their spouses, who are all fitness gurus, have endlessly encouraged us in our practice. In addition, it’s fun to hear Mike share his yoga experiences with our son, who also practices yoga! One of the greatest joys to me is being able to practice yoga with Mike, my husband and best friend. We are on this journey together. Partnering with Sanford Yoga was a wonderful decision!

~Terrie Rehmert


126 W. Main St. Sanford NC 27330

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