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Certified Yoga Instructor

 Mickey’s yoga journey began around 1981 at age three. Her mother Alice actively practiced yoga in their home and outside. Her mother introduced her to meditation when she created a serenity garden in their side yard. Years of watching and following her mother’s movements made for a unique and moderately quiet home practice. With six siblings in the three bedroom house, her mother encouraged daily meditation and mindfulness practices.  Many timeouts were spent sitting in chair pose with arms folded in front. With so many children and things in the house, her mother got creative at timeout placements when egos and monkey minds disturbed the quiet and balance of home life. Many dishes were washed standing with "tree legs" as it just felt like the best way to stand. Rooted and balanced is Mickey's favorite way to feel.

Mickey’s physical practice has faced growth opportunities overcoming injuries when the ego was louder than mindfulness. Accidents happened that also added to the opportunities for growth.  Mickey, like many of us, faced injuries throughout the years including frozen shoulder, broken toe, partial tears to tendons and ligaments in her knee.  These injuries have encouraged her to love her yoga props.

In January 2017 Mickey found the courage to start the journey of becoming a yoga instructor by signing up for 200hr YTT Mindfulness at the Eightfold Path Yoga Teacher She trained under Frances Murchison based at Wilmington Yoga Center and completed her training in September 2017.  During her instructor training, she was introduced to Yin Yoga and she knew she found her authentic practice and the yoga she loves to teach. Some days it’s more of a mental practice than a physical one, which is why Yin Yoga is her practice of choice for a home practice when feeling out of balance. She finds balance and peace when finding her breath linked to movements then settling into a posture, reminding herself she is enough.

Mickey currently wears many titles: daughter, sister, mother, wife, step-mother, aunt, veteran, homeowner, pet mother, friend, neighbor, co-worker, and yoga instructor. Mickey regularly tells herself “I am perfectly me and that’s all I need to be.” Which translates into its okay to not be what everyone else is or wants you to be. Being authentically you is exactly what you need to be. Perfect is not a finite way; each persons perfect self is imperfect to someone else. ~Namaste~