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As an Attorney, Army Veteran, and survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence, Lindsey found that yoga helped her calm her mind and process the trauma she experienced through her body.  Through gentle and deliberate movements, Lindsey has been able to use yoga to reclaim her breath, and more importantly her mind.  Take one of her classes and she will show you how to do the same.    


Lindsey's Classes: 

Mondays; Yoga for Happiness 7:15-8:15 PM


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Mike's background includes structural integration, martial arts, and movement reeducation. His main practice is Rolfing™ Structural Integration and Rolf Movement™. His promise is to maintain a safe space where every BODY may move with freedom and without judgment.

Mike's Classes: 

Private Rolf Sessions


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The classes Lee teaches are focused on restorative strength and alignment of the body. He believes an entire practice is generated from the core and the breath, as well as, the tuck of the tailbone--this is where the Impossible is found. Next, comes the press of the fingers and the toes, from here a solid physical practice can be formed, one you will continue to come back day in and day out. His classes will consist of utilizing a strong, rhythmic breath to hold poses longer and you will learn how to build a strong core to pelvic floor connection. All practitioners are welcome on the floor. His aim is to inspire and motivate you to find your own devotional practice that you hold for Life.

Lee's Classes: 

Saturdays; Power Hour 8:30-9:30 AM

Saturdays; Vinyasa Flow 10:00-11:30 AM


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Amber Bonds is from Los Vegas, Nevada. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and teaching for 5. Amber started teaching prenatal yoga and did that for 2 years. Then she received a scholarship called Yoga Warrior where she learned to teach yoga to those with PTSD and TBI. She has been teaching yoga with the military and martial arts communities for the last couple of years and is looking forward to teaching classes at Sanford Yoga & Community Center. She has learned so much through her yoga practice like love, balance, gratitude, and acceptance.

Amber's Classes: 

Thursdays; Military Flow 6:00-7:15 PM

Thursdays; Vinyasa Flow 7:15-8:15 PM



Katie is a passionate, warm-hearted, Queer woman who loves animals, music, comic books, and crystals. She's literally our new best friend!! With her funny and lighthearted personality, she brings an authentic and trauma-informed spirit to her practice. As an Energy Practitioner, she will be your guide as you learn to cultivate a space to live free.

Katie's Classes: 

Wednesdays; LGBTQ Hangout 4-5 PM

Wednesdays; Gentle Flow 6-7:15 PM


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Jody is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, and Reiki Master. She has spent the past 14 years teaching yoga (mostly) in Colorado to elite athletes, the military community, and beautiful humans from all walks of life. She enjoys many different styles of yoga with her favorite being a well-rounded slow flow that allows your mind, body, and breath to become reacquainted.  Her classes will greet you with warmth, understanding, and the opportunity to modify any aspect to fit your personal needs. She believes yoga is for everyone, it might take a few classes to find your groove so keep showing up.  She can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Jody's Classes: 

Monthly Workshops, See schedule for more details


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Ava is our spry, young, and agile Kid’s Yoga Instructor.  She’s been doing yoga for years, and has is taking her passion for the kiddos (and wearing them out) to our studio!  When Ava isn’t rocking it in school, she’s spending her summers working on a Horse Rescue Farm, where she helps facilitate youth camps.  After she graduates, she hopes to work as an Animal Cruelty Investigator.  Using her love for animals and others, Ava guides our kids through a joyful practice each week.  Come stop by and see what the rage is all about, and let your kiddos run around and be kids!

Ava's Classes:

Thursdays; Kids Yoga 5:00-5:45 PM