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Jaclyn Connelly has been practicing Pilates for almost 15 years.    Her  dedicated practice changed her life.  Jaclyn’s perception, mood, vitality, physical strength, composition, and comfortability were affected in such a positive way that she decided she wanted to pass on the gift of Pilates to others.  In 2011 she left her corporate job in NYC, moved to North Carolina, and began her comprehensive Pilates training in Raleigh and Asheville.
The value of this work became ever more clear to Jaclyn as she was able to run, swim, and perform a regular Pilates practice throughout her first pregnancy; suffering through zero back pain for its entirety.  Not only did Pilates help her during her pregnancy, but it was a life saver for her c-section recovery, and provides her with the energy and physical ability to care for, and keep up with, her, now 3-year-old son.
Jaclyn also brings with her a deep background in Iyengar Yoga and meditation.  Iyengar Yoga focuses on proper alignment, breath, and concentration; key components of Pilates.  She has completed multiple 200- hour yoga certifications, providing her with a keen eye for anatomical alignment and an extensive arsenal of modifications and propping techniques that can be adapted to Pilates giving clients access to exercises, positions, and musculature recruitment that is normally unavailable to them.  In 2001, Jaclyn traveled to India for a Buddhist Meditation program as part of her Bachelor’s Degree program in South Asian Religion and History.  This was a life changing experience for her.  She was able to practice a number of different meditation techniques, and she strives to bring this focus and concentration into all of her classes.
Jaclyn is committed to providing a safe and challenging Pilates program designed to bring about true change by enhancing the awareness, core activation, coordination, and full body engagement of each of her clients, so that they continue to grow stronger, more flexible, and more durable in body and mind.  As Joe Pilates says, “Physical fitness is the first prerequisite of happiness.”  And a tight butt, abs, and arms doesn’t hurt either!