Trauma-Informed Empowerment Protocol

We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Combat Sexual Assault to

execute their Empowerment Protocol.  

Combat Sexual Assault provides services to Service Members and Veterans

who have experienced retaliation for reporting the assault.  

We are proud to be added to their team and provide healing resources to help their clients rediscover their power.   

A Trauma-Informed Space

Here are some other ways you know SYCC is a trauma-informed space:

  • Either there are no physical adjustments or permission to be adjusted is asked for

  • There is low to no stimulation, meaning diffusers are modified, there aren't candles, the lights create a soft, but lit atmosphere, if there is music it is soothing and relaxing. 

  • The instructors use a collected, calm voice. They do not assert themselves beyond queuing the asana, they make you feel safe and supported. 

  • The instructor teaches from the mat giving adequate anatomical cues and letting the student follow their lead. They also give plenty of options for all body types, as well as, use invitational language


Sanford Yoga & Community Center is a safe space where you can come, heal, breathe, and be free, in order to experience this present moment outside of the trauma that causes suffering.


If you are interested in taking a class with us, book here


Their mission is to empower survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) by helping them find their voice and overcome barriers to obtaining justice, all while disrupting the cultural stigma surrounding the disclosures of these crimes. 

We hope that you join us.  We are only stronger together. 

Click the above title to go to the CSA website to learn more...


How we are here to help you...

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Empowerment Protocol

Trauma-Informed Modalities:


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What is the Empowerment Protocol? 

This protocol will include a variety of online classes to help facilitate the healing journey for our clients. Currently, there is no comprehensive online program that allows survivors of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) to come together and address their needs in a wholistic fashion. This protocol aims to change that, as we build a national platform for Service Members and Veterans across the country.  


Currently, we will be offering the following VIRTUAL classes: 

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Alysia Gruenstern, Slow Flow with Integrative Rest (iRest)

  • This class will begin with a slow & gentle yoga movements and will end with a scientifically proven meditation method called iRest that will calm the nervous system and invite rest throughout the body.  

  • Richard Miller's iRest protocol is an integrative approach that heals the various unresolved issues, traumas, and wounds that are present in the body and mind. It recognizes the underlying sense of calm that is always present, even amidst all changing circumstances of life. Extensive research has shown that iRest effectively supports the healing process across a broad range of populations.

  • This practice can be done seated or laying down. Each participant will want to get into a comfortable position so they can listen to the instructor guide them through this gentle meditation.  

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Lee Mowery, Embody Living: Healing Through Yoga

  • As we process trauma through the mind, we also have to process it through the body.  During this class, we will be using the breath as our vehicle.  

  • After experiencing a traumatic event, the nervous system can enter a heightened state.  Using the breath as our guide, we will be inviting rest into our body so that healing can occur.  

  • Our mind is every flowing, and is constantly trying to keep us alert and alive even after a traumatic event has passed. Our body cannot heal in this heightened state.  In this class, we will calm the mind using the breath and gentle movements.  This in turn will allow healing to occur naturally throughout the body. 

  • This gentle yoga practice is for all levels.  It can be practiced on a mat on the floor, or modified while sitting in a chair. 

  • If there is a movement that you cannot do (or do not have the limb to do so), you can still achieve the same benefit by visualizing yourself doing the movement.  You do not actually have to move to benefit from this class.  Movement is very nurturing for some, but for others, it is more supportive to visualize the movements. 

  • Both methods will achieve the same results.  You will be able to calm the mind and invite healing into the body by simply listening to this class.   

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Mike Knapp, Nervous System Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain and Trauma

  • When we experience a traumatic event, from an assault to a car accident, our body keeps the score.  Our nervous system grows like branches of a tree, and these types of events cause these branches to get pruned.  

  • This can cause chronic pain, create mobility restrictions, or cause generalized discomfort or performance issues.  

  • During this class, our Structural Integrator will use very slow and deliberate movements that will allow your nervous system to recreate these maps and allow the branches to grow again. 

  • Think of this as Physical Therapy for your nervous system.  

  • We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes, and have access to a place to sit.  There will not be any dynamic movement in this class, rather our Practitioner will be teaching you how to move in such a way that it brings ease and greater mobility to areas of your body.   

  • Our objective is for you to leave class feeling lighter, be in less pain, and have more range of motion.  

Start Your Healing Today:

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Cost: $15/class.

Scholarships are available.  

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