Welcome to our Studio! 

Welcome to the Sanford Yoga & Community Center, we are a veteran-owned and trauma-informed yoga studio fighting to bring a safe space to you wherever you may be. We have a lot of resources and information so that you can be supported on your healing journey. Do not be afraid to reach out if you have any questions. We stand with you along the road to recovery. Each step may be difficult, but together we will make our way home...

Our Story

We are Mike and Lindsey Knapp, practicing yogis and co-owners of Sanford Yoga & Community Center.

Mike, a Rolfing Structural Integrator, works with clients throughout Fort Bragg-Fayetteville, Sanford, and around the world online, who are dealing with injuries and pain.  He's often the place folks go to when they've tried everything else with little success.  His goal is to get you moving pain-free!


His curiosity with his own body.  As an avid martial arts background, he realized movement in non-linear ways relieved his aches and pains.  And in 2004, he began his bodywork career with massage therapy.  In 2016, his thirst for knowledge led him to the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute where he began learning Rolfing Structural Integration.  This thrust both his martial arts and bodywork to the next level.  Rolfing was the only thing that alleviated his own mid-back chronic pain.


He currently offers services at the studio and is honored to serve the distinguished community of Service Members, Veterans, and their Families. a bit of a pistol as well.  As an Attorney, Army Veteran, and Rabble-Rouser, Lindsey uses yoga as a way to process her PTSD, find balance, and live a happy and healthy life.  Mike had been trying to get Lindsey to try yoga for years before she finally gave it a try.  And at first.....she hated it.  It was frustrating, she couldn't do any of the poses, and the chatter in her mind just wouldn't quit.  But Lindsey kept showing up, and over time, she learned to calm the chatter of her mind and is now able to live a very peaceful life.


As the Executive Director of Combat Sexual Assault, a non-profit that provides support to Service Members and Veterans who have been retaliated against for reporting the assault, Lindsey puts her skillsets to good use as she helps others regain their power.  Yoga has been the linchpin to her success, and she's excited to show you how.      

Stop by and feel their energy and hear Lindsey's insatiable laugh.  There's really no one else like them.